02 Sep

Mom: “We went and saw Planet of the Apes last night.  Or, no, it was the new one.  Rise of The Apes.”

Me: “Oh.   Did you like it?”

Mom: “Well, it was just made for ten year old boys, so they could see it and come home and run around and pretend to be the characters.”

*Hubbub in the background.*

Mom: “Dad is saying eight year old boys.  He’d give it an eight out of ten.”

Me: “That’s not bad on the Dad Scale.”

Mom: “No, it’s really not!  He had recorded the old one on the DVR so that we could watch it when we came home-”

Me: “The Charlton Heston one?”

Mom: “Yeah, and now he wants to watch it, but…”

Me: “Not in the mood?”

Mom: “I’m just tired of apes!  I can only tolerate so many apes in a day, and I think…I think I reached my ape limit.”

Me: “Guess you’ll have to wait until your ape batteries are recharged.”

Mom: “I guess so!  I don’t really have a lot of room in my life for apes.”


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