cutting edge humor

01 Oct

Me: Are you going to watch the governor’s debate at seven?

Taylor: That’s the plan.  I texted your mom to…oh, geez.  Every time I say that it sounds like a ‘your mom’ joke.  You know…’I was texting YOUR MOM, yeaaaahhh!’

Me: That would be the best ‘your mom’ joke ever.  ‘I was texting your mom, and she was very polite.’

Taylor: ‘We had a lovely conversation.’

Me: ‘She is such a nice lady.’

Taylor: SNAP.

Me: Heh.

Taylor: Haha.

Me: So…

Taylor: Oh, yeah.  I texted your mom to remind her about the governor’s debate.

Me: Oh, she would be glad you did that.

Taylor: She was.  She said ‘thank you.’

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