but then…the monkey

24 Sep

Laying in bed, talking to Taylor.  He’s moving back in this weekend, so tonight is the last night that we spend in a ‘Medium-Distance Relationship’.  I meant to spend the last few days cleaning our apartment to the point of spotlessness, but after the Great Potato Incident, I’ve found myself a little worn out on the whole ‘cleaning’ process.

This is why I’ll never be an adult.

So I’m laying in bed, and it occurs to me that my toes are absolutely freezing.  This isn’t unusual.  It’s a natural signifier that autumn is here.  The leaves are turning red.  The wind is shoving people around on the sidewalks, systematically grabbing papers and mussing people’s hairdos.  Girls are pulling the tights out of their closets, and my toes have becoming chilly little toesicles.  It is the way of the wild, and I feel the need to warn Taylor what he is in for.

Me: “I should warn you: it’s getting cold in here.”

Taylor: “Yeah?”

Me: “Yes.  I’ve broken out the heated blanket for the couch to keep my feet warm, and there’s two…three comforters on the bed.  Big ones.  Although I think it’s partially the fan’s fault.”

Taylor: “The fan?”

Me: “Yeah – I’ve gotten so used to the sound that I can’t sleep without it on.”

Taylor: “Yeah, we’re…we’re going to have to turn that off at some point.”

Me: “I know.”

Taylor: “Maybe we could get – ”

Me: “-one of those looping sound CD’s, yeah!  Like ocean sounds, to play at night.”

Taylor: “Soothing waves and wind.  Wooosh…whoooooooosh…CAW CAW CAW.”

Me: “Haha!  That’s what I was just thinking.  You know, Kyrissa used to have one of those when we were little, except it was jungle sounds.”

Taylor: “Oh, did she?”

Me: “Yes!  When  I stayed overnight at her house she’d put it on sometimes and it’d put her right to sleep.  It was like…leaves rushing…leaves rustling, whatever, and soft bird noises, but then…the monkey.”

Taylor: “Oh, no.”

Me: “Exactly.  I’d be almost asleep, with the birds and the leaves, and then…OOH OOH OOH AAAACK! AAACK!  AAACK! And then BAM.  AWAKE.  Kyrissa wouldn’t even shift.  She didn’t make a sound, and I’d try to fall back asleep again until the monkey inevitably came back on the loop.”

Taylor: “That sounds terrible.”

Me: “It was terrible.”

We chatted for awhile longer about Taylor’s last day at his internship and the weekend we had planned, and hung up.  I’m laying in bed now, typing, my feet bunched up underneath me, trying to tap into the power of my butt-warmth for protection against the cold.  The fan is on the lowest setting, but it’s still on.

Maybe if I turned the heater on full-blast it would make the same noise.



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3 responses to “but then…the monkey

  1. Kelly

    September 25, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    I TOTALLY want one of those machines. My alarm clock plays my ipod so in theory I could go to sleep to that if I downloaded some babbling brook mp3 or something, BUT the volume them wouldn’t change in the morning so when the alarm went off, it would just be a babbling brook again.


    I have gotten so accustomed to the fan at night, too. And I think it’s making my lips chapped sleeping in that wind all night long. But I love the hum and the whirr….

  2. outdoorexplorer

    September 26, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    I know what you mean. Even after just a few weeks it’s hard to sleep without the sound of the fan. I thought about letting my ipod just play all night, but I don’t want to keep burning through the batteries and having to charge it that often. Besides I tend to wake up if I hear a song my brain doesn’t want to listen to, and that makes sleep hard too.

  3. rubybastille

    September 26, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Yeah, we’re probably moving back into the “winter bedroom” next weekend. Stupid winter.


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