the discovery of the millenium

06 Sep

While Taylor and I are gone on our Wild And Exotic Vacation, here is a tidbit for you:

While Laura, Kevin, Taylor and I were at the fair last weekend, we decided to wander inside one of the craft buildings.  I absolutely adore the competitions at the fair, especially the kids’ competitions.  There’s something wonderfully endearing and inspiring about a junior high schooler putting their artwork out there for other people to see – their photos, drawings, scrapbook pages, what have you.  That takes more guts than the average twelve year old kid has, and so I always feel like it’s necessary to applaud that bravery by actually looking at what they have to offer.

So we’re browsing the pictures and I catch sight of a pencil portrait of Patrick Stewart.  Naturally I beeline over, and the others follow.  We spend a few minutes glancing through the portraits on the wall.  There’s a charcoal Jesus with terrifying blue eyes.  A fantastic conte crayon rendition of baby feet.  We’re all pondering a picture of some sort of tiger-wolf when Kevin excitedly shouts from the next partition over.

“COME SEE,” he yells.  “YOU GUYS.  COME SEE.”

We ran over, stopped behind him, and reeled.  The sheer genius of the painting we were looking at was staggering.  Some kid…some snot-nosed little punk of a human being had conceived this masterpiece in the depths of his own creative mind.  It was a blistering concept that this sort of divine beauty could come from a child.

You guys.


In case you are having trouble comprehending the grandiose symbolism of this piece, I’ll help.

This is totally Master Chief, the super soldier from the Halo games, set up right there next to Abraham Lincoln.

Possibly the artist is suggesting that Abraham Lincoln was himself a super soldier of politics.  Perhaps he alludes to the armor that a successful president must wear to protect himself from his many detractors.  It could just be a simple ode to patriotism old and new – a great American crusader for civil rights and the seven-foot tall asexual powerhouse that freed humans from the grip of the Galactic Swarm.

This kid didn’t win the blue ribbon, but his sophisticated social commentary will never be forgotten.

What do you think, Sophisticated Internet Friends?  Let me put on my Discussion Monocle and I will join you in the Very Intellectual Comments.*

*Disclaimer: Comments not actually required to be intellectual.  Monocle may not actually improve discussion capabilities.  Please do not read the comments while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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3 responses to “the discovery of the millenium

  1. maidominna

    September 7, 2010 at 6:53 am

    I do say, genius!!!

    • Jessica

      September 7, 2010 at 7:32 am

      Mm yes quite! Indeed!


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