tired old beasts

15 Jul

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  My computer had something like an asthma attack and instead of searching for any sort of digital inhaler, I just let it pass out, hyperventilating, on my coffee table.  This morning it had calmed down a bit.  The whole thing reminds me of having a pet that you are positive is going to die any moment.  All signs point to Old Yeller kicking it before the hour is out, but Yellerpersists, and before you can welcome a new, fluffy young bundle of love into your home, you have to escort senile, smelly, belligerent, un-housetrained Yeller into the great beyond.

And so, poor beast, I will let it rest for tonight.  Someday soon I will get a job, and with that sweet, sweet paycheck will come a purring, adorable little Netbook, and I will huggle it, and snuggle it, and name it George.

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One response to “tired old beasts

  1. lisa

    July 16, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Senile and belligerent laptops are the worst. I think mine is starting to get to that age where it requires lots of brain medication, TLC, and maybe a walking cane or a straightjacket depending on how badly it’s misbehaving.


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