saturday nights

12 Jul

Internet, I will not lie.  I am slightly intoxicated, under the influence, you might say, of three amaretto sours.  My big sister taught me to make them last weekend, and I thought I would put the lesson to practice with Linnaea last night.  It was a success, and so, tonight I decided to try again while Taylor and I watched Tropic Thunder.  A full fifteen minutes in, however, Taylor’s head was lolling back against the couch and he was down for the count.

Taylor is a morning person, who routinely wakes up, on the weekends, mind you, at seven AM.  This means that he rarely stays up past eleven, and usually hits the hay at ten or so.  Tonight, he went down at nine thirty, due to the bed in our new apartment not agreeing with him as well as it should.

So, there I was, alone in the apartment, watching The Holiday on cable, with half an amaretto sour.  So I finished it.

Once I finished that amaretto sour, it sounded like a really good idea to make another one.  After all, I had half a can of grapefruit Shasta left, which I couldn’t go to waste.  So I had my second amaretto sour, and cried at the end of The Holiday (Kate Winslet, you deserve so much betteeerrrrrrr!) at which point I was depressed at the lack of decent Jack Blacks for all the lovely Kate Winslets of the world, of which I know many.  And so, the obvious solution to this mild depression?

An amaretto sour!

Like magic!

And so I am well into the third amaretto sour, and now watching Clueless.  I haven’t seen Clueless in several years, but I have read Jane Austen’s Emma, and so that’s close enough.

This whole drinking alone in my new apartment on a rather early Saturday night thing really begs me to consider the dynamics of a post-college social life.  A thing that I had actually not previously considered.  To be blunt, the last time I had to make friends was a full three years ago, and that time, I got lucky.  How does one make friends when you are not forced to see them in class?  Do you just wait to find someone you connect with at work?  Do you talk to your local coffee girl, or is that weird now?  Do you join community volley ball teams?  Knitting clubs?  Book groups?

For the first time, I miss having my friends in the next room over.

By the way, spell check is proving invaluable tonight.  I am fairly bad at both typing and texting with liquor in my hands.  It has already magically transformed the words ‘ciuykess’, ‘alo’, and ‘comunniry’ into coherent English.  Bonus points if you can figure out what words those are supposed to be.  It’s like a wonderful Saturday Jane Drunken Word Search!

I should do these every Saturday night.


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4 responses to “saturday nights

  1. Brittney

    July 12, 2009 at 8:46 am

    Hahahaa, oh Jessica, you will always be awesome. I’m sorry I was too tired to stay up and talk to you last night!
    Also, you should totally become a regular at a coffee shop. It’s way fun. Try to find one that has really friendly baristas, in fact, I’m now working with a dude from the Sbux in your area & he’s only got good things to say, so give it a whirl. The more you go in the more people recognize you and are friendlier, in my experience. 🙂 Also cracking jokes never hurts.

    • saturdayjane

      July 12, 2009 at 9:36 am

      Ha, that is okay! Sleep is a valuable thing. Part of me wants to become a regular at a coffee shop, and part of me knows that this might be an expensive way to make friends. Possibly when I have a job this will be more plausible.

      Hey, do you know WHICH Starbuck Mr Newguy worked at?

      • Brittney

        July 13, 2009 at 10:36 am

        There’s more than one in Corvallis?! I WILL FIND OUT.

  2. Laura

    July 12, 2009 at 11:48 am

    I am sure you can fill in the blanks as to what I am going to say about drunk blogging.

    Then again, if you get any awesome tips on how to make friends, let me know.


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