11 Jul

Last night my friend and former roommate Linnaea came and was our First Official Houseguest or uh Apartmentguest because we actually have an apartment.  She brought us a vase of flowers and we took her out to dinner at a restaurant in Corvallis that had a balcony where we could spy on what everyone else was eating.  Following a (delicious) dinner, we came home, made amaretto sours and watched Flight Of The Conchords.

Double Newsflash:  Flight of the Conchords continues to be amazing.  Also, Amaretto is a stronger variety of alcohol than I was maybe expecting.

Afterwards we attempted to play a game that Tess got me for my birthday, Bookopoly, which is basically Monopoly with book titles.  Once we realized this game involved banking and money we sort of abandoned the idea and instead talked about books and things and watched What Not To Wear.  It was a pleasant night.

Today we will go to Goodwill and Ross and see about picture frames.  I have a plot regarding these frames, my friends.  You’ll see.

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