things that have happened recently

03 Jun

The biggest problem that I have noticed in blogging, is that an enormous amount of things happens every day, and I do not want to be that obnoxious blogger that posts five or eight times per day because OMG U GUYZ DONT U WANT 2 HEAR ABOUT ME ALL THE TIEEM???/

So rather than devoting several retroactive blog posts to the color of my oatmeal or the daily viscosity of my shampoo, I figure I’ll just give you all a bulleted list of things that I would blog about, had I the time (or the inclination).

  • I have finally ordered a mini camcorder, after years of wanting one and hemming and hawing about the price. Vlogging will ensue after the camcorder arrives and I figure out the magic of moving pictures.
  • I have spent the last few days playing with my niece, Bella, who holds the title Cutest Baby in the Galaxy. She is a year and a half old, and is learning her words rather quickly. She knows Mama and Dada, and refers to Grandma and Grandpa as Mamba and Bumpa. I am J followed by nearly any combination of letters forming a single syllable. Popular favorites are Jep, Jet, Jeff, and just good old fashioned Jeuhhhh. Taylor is referred to with a terrified stare followed by hiding. Bella is not so used to tall people.
  • Today at an Arby’s Taylor and I were pseudo-assaulted by a tiny old woman in a turquoise dress, who leapt at us as we walked in and screeched, “YOU GET FREE STUFF ON WEDNESDAYS!” and thrusting a pile of straws and napkins into our hands. Apparently she worked there. An Arby’s namebadge with the name ‘Susan’ was pinned to her upper shoulderblade.
  • I am being spoiled by homecooked meals.
  • Taylor and I visited more apartments today than we could shake a stick at. We are applying to…four, I think, but there is a great deal of competition. Being that we are moving jobless to a new town and trying to find a place to live, the situation makes me a bit nervous.
  • Resume building is going okay. I have built a second draft, and sent it off to my Editors, who are providing me with deliciously helpful advice. By the time this is finished, I should be able to leave my home of business people and Kal-El myself into the job market, becoming a Superperson with my resume. My kryptonite? The krappy job market.
  • I feel the need to reiterate the homecooked meals. Tonight I had chicken-fried steak.
  • On Sunday I have the first flight in like, six years that doesn’t leave at an ungodly hour.
  • I finally have the time to respond to comments again!  Hoo-ah!  I am sorry for the prolonged absence in my comments sections.  I read and adore every single one, and it always makes my day.  My ego does love to be stroked.  So if you leave me a comment I will one hundred percent respond to you.
  • That said, I’m beginning to do the active job hunt. Does anybody have good ideas on the best way to hunt for jobs in a sore market?

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3 responses to “things that have happened recently

  1. lisa

    June 4, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Hmm I’d say put out the word to your network that you’re job-hunting. If someone works for a company who’s hiring but hasn’t advertised the position, it’s a great foot in the door. Good luck with everything!

    • saturdayjane

      June 4, 2009 at 11:25 am

      That’s a good thought! My brother in law is a manager at a Wells Fargo and he may be able to do some hunting for me!

      Thanks, Lisa!

  2. LeeAnn

    June 4, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Good luck with finding an apartment!! Getting your first place together is an exciting time, just wait until you buy a house though! A little more excitement and a little more nervousness, but it is definitely AWESOME. 🙂


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