30 May

I’m going to Japan in a couple of weeks.

This isn’t just because I have a spare kazillion dollars around and I want to visit a Pocky factory.  I’m actually attending my brother’s wedding.  He’s been with a gal from Japan for many, many years (they met when she was an exchange student at our high school) and they’re finally tying the knot.  So me, my folks, his best friend from home and possibly my oldest sister are all flying to Japan for the event.  I’ve never been off-continent before.  I’m pretty excited.

Still though, almost all of the excitement comes from seeing my brother.  He’s…oh, I’ll just describe him  You all will be getting more comprehensive descriptions of my family next week when I’m home, but my brother being abroad, I guess I’ll talk about him now.

Ben is two years older than me.  He has fluffy brown hair and is tall(er than I am) and kind of a wiry dude.  He’s the sort of guy who could sit in a basement on a computer all day then go mow the lawn, and this somehow means he has biceps.

I hate him for this.

He’s very bright, and it was uncertain for awhile whether he’d get more into computers, business, or Japanese.  He excelled at all three, being that he has a healthy mix of math, mechanical intuition, economical savvy, and…whatever it is you need to be awesome at learning another language.  This brightness worked to my detriment when we were little.

Ben was never a mean older brother.  He was just very curious.  Once he discovered I was gullible, he wondered how gullible exactly.  Would I give him money to read his comic books?  Yes!  Huh.  Would I eat old turkey that’s been in the sun out of a tiny spice bottle, with Ramen packet seasoning on top?  Also yes!  Astounding!  He spent his time devising things he knew that no person would logically do, to see if he could get me to do them, not out of malicious intent, but intellectual curiosity.

These situations often ended with me crying for Mom while Ben stuck his hands like flippers in front of his mouth and cawed, “WALRUS TEETH WALRUS TEETH” at me.

In any case, as we got older, Ben and I developed a sort of understanding for one another.  Being two years apart in age was enough for him to have a touch more sagacity than I did, but close close enough for me to know a few things that he hadn’t quite put together yet.  By the time he left, we had a rapport that was basically expressed by talking about video games and bickering over who got to play Sonic on the old Sega Genesis, and who had to be Tails.

(Hint, I was always Tails.)

We’re leaving on…June 7th, I believe?  Like I said, the Japan part hasn’t so much hit me yet.  I’m just excited to spend some time with my big brother.


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2 responses to “ben

  1. Lauren From Texas

    May 30, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    I love brothers. I think about mine and get all choked up. They grow up so fast (mine is 5 years younger than me). Enjoy every minute of your time with your brother. 🙂

  2. amanda

    May 30, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Aww … mazel tov to your rad-sounding brother!


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