Travelogue 2 – in which we discover a slightly offensive new cuss

27 Mar

A note: This post was written yesterday on the road, but I lost internet connection before I could post it.  So here it is now, standing in until Friday’s post happens!

Just a snippet from the road.

Today was wine tasting. I am actually not a fan of wine (alert the blogosphere!) but Kevin’s parents are pretty fond of it, and know the country well. We all thought, hey, today would be a good day to further our wine education, and so we ended up going to four wineries in Sonoma County.   Laura has recorded the experience in more detail.

I have reconfirmed that I am not a fan of wine.

I am writing this from inside an RV. Tess is possibly looking over my shoulder (hello, Tess!) although she may just be staring out the window in a sleepy haze. Laura is napping. James is watching the country pass out the window, and Kevin and Breck are quietly cursing at each other over a friendly game of battleship.

A few nights ago, during a rousing game of Nertz, Tess and I came viciously close to winning. We are partners in Nertz, which work well because we are both decently good at the game, although neither of us is very competitive. As we have played this game more and more, however, and Tess has discovered she has a talent for it, she has begun taking it more and more seriously. Expletives have been uttered. Glares have been issued. She is a freight train of card game victory, and nobody will stop her.

I say all this in the most affectionate way.

So the other night we were busily laying down our cards, when suddenly Kevin slams down the winning move, and Tess, standing suddenly, shrieks:


The world stopped for a moment. We gaped at her, the word rolling around in our minds while we tried to dissect its meaning. Ballsnacks? What’s a ballsnack? Is a ballsnack exactly what it sounds like? Or is it something more complex and sinister? Are ballsnacks something to be avoided? Why is ‘ballsnacks’ so much fun to say?

Tess turned bright pink and sat down quickly. Thus began our fascination with the fictional cuss, ‘ballsnacks’. And by ‘our’, I mean mostly Breck and I. Kevin and James giggle, Laura gives us a quiet “this is honestly just kind of gross” look. But Breck and I can no longer go into any foodservice facility without muttering ‘ballsnacks’ furtively at each other.

“What are you going to get? I’m looking at the ballsnacks.”

“You can’t get dessert yet! You haven’t finished your ballsnacks!”

“Are these ballsnacks low fat?”

“You know what you should bring home to your mom?  Local California ballsnacks.”

We are obviously both ten year old boys.


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2 responses to “Travelogue 2 – in which we discover a slightly offensive new cuss

  1. Sal

    March 27, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Love it. Am stealing it.

  2. Vanessa

    March 27, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    I second Sal– totally going to try to work this into my vocabulary.


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